Creative & kinky

32yo Asian.

165cm , 55kg.

I like guys who are a little larger build than myself. Some body hair is a plus. I personally am on the slim side of the spectrum..

Fetish / Turn on:  Briefs, jockstrap, uniform, leather gear, sweaty hairy armpits, suit&tie, cum, hairy chest, sex toys.. and more

Turn off / not into: blood, scats, cigar, permarnent marks.

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Where my energy goes in behind close doors

  • Toys (Dildoes, butt plugs, etc)
  • Role playing (uniform, suit&tie, etc)
  • Oral sex
  • Armpits sniffing/licking
  • Bondage
  • Cock & Ball torture & Tits Torture
  • Flogging and/or spanking
  • ASS Play
  • Hot Wax
  • Fisting

Can be mild to wild. As a versatile, I enjoy giving as much as receiving. Limits of all parties are respected

I am not limited in my interests and will play into your fantacies. I want to push all the buttons on your body, nipples, balls, ass hole, get you all warmed up and rock hard as well. The more toys the better, the idea is pleasure and I believe in long, sensual play. 

Equipment & leather gears in my treasure chest : wrist & ankle restraints, rope & chain, cock ring, leather harness, vest, pants & jock, dildo & butt plug, blindfold, boots & gloves, Military uniform (green camouflage), cum stained jockstrap with cup... Of course, my collection is still expanding... hopefully will get to build my own dungeon soon.

I also like a quiet night at home curled up with my man .Sometimes if I'm horny, I will lick honey or ice cream off your crotch.

OH YEAH: if you DON'T use deodorant, you're gonna get my cock, rock hard.